CSBN Relative Performance Index

It is axiomatic that it is impossible to rate collegiate summer leagues and teams subjectively. With over 80 leagues and several hundred teams spread out across North America, no qualified observer can observe enough teams to make an informed opinion.

Some observers have attempted to do it by won-loss percentage, which make little sense with such a wide range of competition levels.

It seems obvious to us that in order to rate teams it is necessary to first rate the leagues in which they play. Once the leagues have been rank ordered, the won-loss percentage will take on meaningful significance.

Each season CSBN compiles a database of some 8,000 players on the rosters of over 250 teams in 30+ summer leagues. We score each player based on the competition level of his college program and his class year. We calculate teams and league ratings from these player scores.

The CSBN RPI is the only quantitative rating of CSB Leagues and Teams.



Player Values

Players are given points based on their college program. Points are assigned for each NCAA level as well as for Junior Colleges, NAIA, NCCAA, CCCAA and NWAC. Extra credit is given for P5 and G5 conference teams as well as for top 25 ranked programs. Upper classmen are given higher scores than underclassmen.

Team & League Values

Team scores are the average scores of players on their respective rosters.

League scores are the average of scores for teams in each league.


Strength of Competition (SOC)

The SOC or Strength of Competition is our version of SOS (Strength of Schedue). Since the seaso is too short to use an SOS based on game results, we use the relative strength of the teams in each league.

Each team’s SOC is the average roster score of their league cohorts minus their own score (since they don’t play themselves).


Relative Performance Index (RPI)

The RPI or Relative Percentage Index combines the winning percentage and SOC.

Teams with high winning percentages that play in weak leagues are likely to rank below teams with lower winning percentages that play in very strong leagues. 

Leagues Included In Our Ratings

Alaska BL
Atlantic CBL
Cal Ripken CBL
California CL
Cape Cod BL
Coastal Plain League
Florida CSL
Futures CBL of New England
Golden State CBL
Great Lakes SCL

Hamptons CBL
Midwest collegiate league
New England CBL
New York CBL
Northwoods CBL
Pacific Coast CL
Palm Springs CL
Perfect Game CBL
Prospect League
Show Me SCL

South Florida CBL
Southern CBL
STL Metro League
Sunbelt BLI
Sunflower CL
Sunset BL
The Expedition League
Valley BL
West Coast League
Western Canadian BL

Requirement For RPI Inclusion

In order to score your league we need complete team rosters including first and last name, school, eligibility class and hometown.

If your rosters are not listed on your league or scorekeeper website that allows copying, please submit an Excel or csv spreadsheet in the form indicated on the example below. Only the columns highlighted in green are required.

Roster Example

Roster Submission Form